Name Change

2008-03-18 09:41:54 by Flash-Creature

Hello all,

I PM'd Tom to ask if he could change my name... but he didnt react in some days :(.
Do you maybe know he wants to do it?

Arcade Game

2008-02-16 06:42:06 by Flash-Creature

I'm going to make a Arcade Shooter :)

It will be my first game, and its going to be hard!
Here is the ship :)

Here is the Cursor


2008-02-12 07:49:58 by Flash-Creature

My friggin second story has been used for some other submission... Now i have to come up with another story >:(

New series in the making

2008-01-16 13:19:38 by Flash-Creature

Since my tutorial was to much like another tutorial, i decided to make something whole different...
This is what im going to tell you about the story so far, it has a plot ofcourse:

In the year 26XX, there was a huge war between the states of Derm and Frazek. Derm was a state of peace, while Frazek, in the other hand, is fierce and dark legion. When one of the main ships of Frazek flew over the sea, they noticed a small island wich wasent there before... Theyre ships landed there and investigated the island. They found bodies of human like creatures, they have never being seen before by a human eye. When they checked the data-base, they saw it was a corpse of the ancient sivilization. It was a priest according to the research back at theyre homeland. They used rituals forbidden to use. And so, Frazek tried to use these dark rituals against the Derm. Until something went terriblely wrong. The ones who use the ritual became a zombie, a slave, of the ancient ones. They were forced to go back to theyre island and ressurect theire king...

Thats all im going to say, folks. (be sure you watch for the teaser)

Tutorial in the making!

2007-12-19 12:45:08 by Flash-Creature

I'm currently working on a Stick Tutorial.
I try to get an award for the first time :D
Give me suggestions if you want something to be in it.

Space Collab

2007-12-01 05:36:33 by Flash-Creature

yay! Space Collab on NG!


2007-11-16 15:52:01 by Flash-Creature

hey guys,

made a "demon sword"!

bet you like it!


My own forum

2007-10-31 06:49:29 by Flash-Creature

Wee!!! I have my very own forum!
Here it is!


2007-10-15 15:48:00 by Flash-Creature

dude, my menu looks awesome i think! check the thing clicky-dy-click

First collab for me

2007-10-14 12:48:02 by Flash-Creature

w00p, first collab for me, Menu part.

Also busy with making a video of my own