Entry #10

Name Change

2008-03-18 09:41:54 by Flash-Creature

Hello all,

I PM'd Tom to ask if he could change my name... but he didnt react in some days :(.
Do you maybe know he wants to do it?


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2008-03-18 10:29:04

I think you PM wade about name change.

Flash-Creature responds:



2008-06-04 14:43:16

but your name i awesome :(

Flash-Creature responds:

Lol :D


2008-06-16 10:24:39

whats wrong with this name?
i think its an okay name

ik ben idd van OPM
ik ben [OPM]Demonicfuse voor COD4
en ik ben [OPM]Demon voor Metal Gear Online

Flash-Creature responds:

Oke, dan hoef ik mn naam niet te veranderen ^^
Leuk dat je bij OPM zit :)
Ik lees het wel, maar heb geen PS3 lol


2008-11-23 07:47:04

that happens some times. he gets lots of pms a day and some days he gets even more. you probably pmed him in one of those days so try pming wade or him again.
Your name is awesome btw i wouldnt change it if i were you.

Flash-Creature responds:

Okay :D


2008-11-26 16:21:04

i messaged tom and he responded like a week and a half later so im guessing jsut wait for a response.

Flash-Creature responds:

I PMed him like 1 year ago :P
Still no response


2008-11-28 17:53:47

ouch lol, your names good anyways stick with it :P

Flash-Creature responds:

Thanks :)


2009-01-26 17:51:35

Your name is awesome, don't change it

Flash-Creature responds:

Yay ^^


2009-08-11 05:47:05

Wade changed my name from PyroflameProductions to PyroflameGames a few days ago, good to see you around.